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Jordi Gavaldà: Geologist. Director of the Centre de Lauegi. He has been working in snow and avalanches for more than 30 years. His teammates are still not able to keep up with his pace uphill… j.gavalda@aran.org.

Ivan Moner: Geologist. He has spent the last 20 years digging snow pits wherever he goes, and the last 15 trying to keep up with Jordi around the mountains of Aran (and trying to convince him that, yes, it is a good idea to ski down that line!) i.moner@aran.org.

Montse Bacardit: Doctor in Biology. She is the most recent signing in the team, to which she contributes with her tireless motivation and the critical spirit of a true researcher. Nobody can keep up with her pace either. m.bacardit@aran.org