Sponsors 2019-10-15T11:05:13+00:00

Atomic, an Amer Sports brand, sponsors the Avalanche Center with complete touring equipment set (skis, bindings, skins, poles and boots) essential for the demanding field trips for the three technicians. As skis, our favorite choice is between the Backland UL 85 skis and the Backland 95 skis. As boots, the Backland Carbon are the perfect balance between lightness and comfort during the ascent and downhill performance. In addition, Atomic also supports us with several articles of apparel (clothing and accessories of quality) to keep us warm, dry and isolated during the workdays in a demanding environment such as the winter in mountains. Thanks a lot for trusting with us!

Pieps sponsors the Avalanche Center with essential safety gear to stay alive in avalanche terrain: Avalanche Beacon, probe and shovel. Currently, we use the Pieps Pro BT, the brand’s top beacon: 3 antennas, digital and analog, marking function, Scan, group control and other interesting functions. As a probe, the 260 cm Pieps Aluminum, and as a shovel, the C720 Pieps Shovel. Pieps has also provided us with backpacks and clinometers and has helped us in the acquisition of Jetforce backpacks. We are very grateful for the ongoing support!