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Assessing the technical and physical capabilities of the group is the third key piece in the preparation of the trip, and group management should favor good decision making on the terrain. In this section we present some elements that can help you in this task. The European Avalanche Danger Scale defines the stability of the snowpack, the likelihood of triggering and the avalanche size by each avalanche danger level. You can also consult the Glossary of snow and avalanche terms defined by the European Avalanche Warning Services (EAWS). The Avaluator-Trip Planner combines the avalanche danger rating and the terrain classification, and provides recommendations according to the group level. In the Typical Avalanche Problems we define the typical problems of avalanches that we can find in the mountain and that are included in the bulletin. The Good Habits are all those things that we can do to make our trips safely and that do not depend on the conditions of the avalanche danger. In Snow and Avalanches Articles you will be able to consult the papers presented by the Center of Lauegi in meetings and conferences on snow and avalanche science.