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This section is a document to help with the interpretation of the Avalanche Danger Bulletin.

Following the recommendation of the European Avalanche Warning Services (EAWS), the Avalanche Danger Bulletin is structured in an information pyramid. The basic information appears in the upper part: avalanche danger level and elevations and aspects prone to avalanches. In the central part, the current Typical Avalanche Problems and their description are shown. In the lower part other information related to the snow and weather conditions is indicated. The higher up the pyramid, the information is represented in graphic format and with very little text. As we go down, the information is more detailed in text format.

To know the meaning of the 5 danger levels, go to the European Avalanche Danger Scale.

In the Typical Avalanche Problems you can find the definitions, tactics, duration, typical signs, typical distribution and related travel advices.

When the bulletin talks about the Probability of Triggering, here you can expand more on this concept.

When the bulletin refers to the Size of Avalanches that can reach, in this section you can find the full scale.

Below is an example of a bulletin with indication of its component parts and their contents.

Remember that reading the Bulletin carefully takes only 2 minutes. This information can prevent you from taking a wrong decision!